Optym 27 January 2015, 20.08
Optym® and BTS are working in unison in order to achieve ISO 9001 certification. Optym® is the market leader in creating and...
City of Fort Lauderdale 27 January 2015, 19.59
BTS Consulting has been hired to support the implementation and certification of the City of Fort Lauderdale. BTS Consulting is pleased to be part of...
Fast Track Worldwide Logistics 18 April 2014, 16.25
BTS Consulting would like to congratulate Fast Track Worldwide Logistics for successfully implementing and achieving ISO 9001 certification. Fast Track...

Welcome to BTS Consulting

Business Trade and Services Inc./ BTS Consulting is a local leader in conformity assessment services, software development and improvement solutions. Services include: Consulting and training services, audit, inspection, software, assessment and outsourcing. Servicing many customers across a wide range of end markets.


Our Services

Business Trade and Services Inc./BTS Consulting was founded in 2002 and is a local leader in conformity assessment services and improvement solutions.

In 2005, BTS created Action Monitoring Software to support improvement activities.

BTS offers consulting and training services, audit, inspection, risk management and outsourcing and services many customers across a wide range of end markets.

Now, BTS offers a new e-learning center including html, flash and voice over.


  • Process improvement and management support activities.
  • Logistics and procurement services.
  • Inspections, asset integrity management, product certification and related testing services such as non-destructive testing.

  • Management System assistance to regulatory or client specifications from feasibility stage to implementation and maintenance (ISO 9001, ISO 14000, AS 9100, ISO 27001 and more).
  • Export compliance and International Trade.

  • Software development and efficiency assistance.
  • Information Management System support.
  • Improvement and tracking software.
  • To visit our Action Monitoring Software Demo click  here

E-learning BTS

Video Center

BTS Quality :: Video Center.